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A Message from Kent M. Keith

I am passionate about servant leadership. It is the best model of leadership for the leader as well as those the leader serves. It offers an ethical, practical, and meaningful way to create a more just, caring, and sustainable world. That's because servant-leaders identify and meet the needs of others, rather than just trying to acquire power, wealth, and fame for themselves.

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I created this website to share ideas, resources, and links that have been important to me on my servant leadership journey. I hope that what I have learned over the years will help you to become a servant leader or encourage you on your own journey if you have already chosen a life of servant leadership.


What can you do? You can check out articles and speeches about servant leadership, including its definition and key practices. You can study the highlights of scientific research, look through a recommended reading list, and buy books to get you started. You can explore links to other servant leadership websites, and contact me if you have any questions you would like to ask or comments you would like to share.

It's good to be with you on the journey!

Dr. Kent M. Keith

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