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Articles and Speeches

Selected Articles

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Love Them Anyway

(Paper presented to the Viterbo University Conference on Servant Leadership: Serving, Leading, Growing, La Crosse, Wisconsin, June 30, 2023.)

Servant Leaders Are Good at Leading Organizational Change (2021)

Why Does Servant Leadership Work So Well? (2020)

How Do You Flatten the Hierarchy? (2020)

The Ethical Advantage of Servant Leadership

(The Straits Times, Singapore, 2014)


Beyond Carrots and Sticks: Servant-Leaders

Enhance Performance through Intrinsic Motivation

(Today’s Manager, Singapore Institute of Management, 2014)


Servant Leadership: The Perfect Fit for Family Business

(Today’s Manager, Singapore Institute of Management, 2014)


Growing to Greatness through Servant Leadership

(Today’s Manager, Singapore Institute of Management, 2013)


What Robert Greenleaf Called Us to Do (2013)


Changing the World through Servant Leadership (2011)


Servant Leadership: Making the Free Enterprise System Work Better

(Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi, 2010)


Down Periscope: Funny Lessons in Servant Leadership (2007)

Selected Speeches


Leading Effectively by Leading Ethically: Expanding the Ethical Domain

(Keynote Address, Conference of the Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness,

University at Buffalo, 2022)


What Is Servant Leadership?

(Keynote Address via Zoom, International Servant Leadership Summit, 2021)

Available at:

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 6.43.55 PM.png

The Servant as Leader at Fifty: How Do Greenleaf’s Writings Apply Today?

(International Servant Leadership Summit, Remarks via Zoom, 2021)


Is Servant Leadership Radical Enough for the 21st Century?

(Keynote Address, Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leadership U.K. 2021 Conference, via Zoom)

Available at:


Servant Leadership

(Rotary Youth Professionals, Zoom, 2021)


Servant Leadership

(Rotary Club of Dallas, via Zoom, 2020)


Changing the World through Servant Leadership

(University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2010)


The Meaningful Lives of Servant-Leaders

(Greek People Management Association, Athens, Greece, 2010)


Servant Leadership: An Ethical, Practical, and Meaningful Way to Lead

(Seoul, Korea, 2009)


Servant Leadership in Business

(Foster School of Business, University of Washington, 2009)


Servant Leadership and the Paradoxical Commandments

(Rotary Club of Carmel Indiana, 2009)


Tales of Turnarounds: Servant-Leaders Making a Difference at Universities

(Leadership Institute for Education (LIFE), Pewaukee, Wisconsin, 2008)


Servant Leadership and the Paradoxical Commandments

(Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership U.K. & Happy People Conference, London, England, 2008)


Servant Leadership and Culture in the United States

(Greenleaf Center-Europe Conference, Bussum, The Netherlands, 2007)


Why Servant Leadership Works

(Hawaii Employers Council, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2007)


Servant Leadership + Personal Meaning = Happiness

(Annual Conference, Graduate Business Student Services Association,

New York City, New York 2007)


A Call to Servant Leadership

(Pacific Century Fellows, Ihilani Resort, Oahu, Hawaii, 2005)


Servant Leadership

(Manoa Valley Church, Honolulu, 2003)

Available at:]

Servant Leadership

(Air National Guard Recruiters Conference, Honolulu, 2002)

A Call to Servant Leadership

(Keynote Address, Educational Conference of the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers, Philadelphia, 1995)


Servant Leadership

(Social Science Association, Honolulu, 1994)

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